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Liliana Mitkova is Full Professor at University Evry-Val-d’Essonne member of University Paris Saclay, France in management science, head of the research group “Innovation Net and International Dynamics” (RINNODI) at LITEM Laboratory, UEVE. Her areas of expertise are in the fields of Innovation Management, especially concerning Intellectual Property Rights’ strategy and exploitation of the patent portfolios on the technological market. She has worked with several French international industrial groups on the Innovation and patent management issues under tree main approaches:

  • Strategic, focused on the decisions in terms of protection and exploitation of the invention. She has explored the place of the patents into innovation process and the building of the bridge between patent and innovation management under open perspective. Her interests concern the interactions among the patent strategy and the firms’ innovation strategies, especially with the different open innovation processes (licensing-in and licensing-out, Research & Development collaboration, Merger &Acquisition, sell of patent, etc.);
  • Marketing, dedicated to the development of the technological market and the licensing policy as well as the selection of singular marketing tools to build a patent marketing strategy; –
  • Organizational approach, concerning the structures that are beneficial for open innovation management using intellectual property rights. 

On these aspects, Ms. Mitkova has published numerous articles in French and international journals as well as book chapters. Since 2015 she is one of the proponent of the standing track “open innovation” at the annual Conference of European Academy of Management (EURAM). She has coordinated three international research projects PHC in innovation field with several partners in China. 


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