Stanislas LL

Managing mental health crisis and the emerging role of technology in a collaborative economy

Stanislas LL is a civil servant at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of France with several years at the Crisis Center in Paris and consular representations around the world. He is a Mindfulness and Heartfulness trainer and aspires to encourage mental health to individuals and professionals. He received a Master’s degree in Law and Economy, from the Peace and Development Law Institute of Nice (France) and is certified in “Leading Change in Time of Disruption” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is proficient in Chinese, Spanish, English & French.

In this talk, Stanislas share her experience at the Crisis Center of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The professional life demands us to become athletic leaders. It requires mental health that cannot be learnt in books but at the same time, it requires mental training. He focuses on the most important but ignores facet of health, i.e. metal health. Stanislas LL discuss the preventive and emerging role of technology in a collaborative (open and sharing) economy in combating mental health issues.