RINNODI is a research group at the LITEM (Laboratory for Innovation, Technologies, Economies and Management) at the University of Evry Val-d’Essonne and Télecom Ecole Management. LITEM is part of the Doctoral School of the Paris-Saclay University. RINNODI also welcomes researchers from other laboratories and institutions.




You can find here all the information (dates, schedules, subjects, etc.) concerning ” Open Innovation ” Standing Track’s 2020.

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The research work is undertaken in the spirit of two essential rationales :

  • A transversal approach in the field of innovation management (strategy, organization, information systems, human resources) with solid bases in legal, economic, sociological and technological knowledge.
  • An international approach that is focused on specificities of innovation practices of in different politico-economic and competitive environments.

In this way, the discussions inside the group are not restricted to a particular type of innovation (technological, organizational, social, etc.). They adopt the perspective of strategic management in which the reflexive links between strategies, structures, resources, environment and society are highlighted.


The main current research issues are :

  • Innovation practices in France and in emerging countries
  • Fostering innovation and industrial property
  • Collaborative innovation practices of in specific spaces and specific sectors (sustainable cities, clusters, incubators, geographical areas / ICT, food, health, high-tech)
  • Creating tools for assisting in innovation management without borders
  • Skills related to innovation
  • Responsible and social Innovation
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Interactions between innovation, resources and society