Emmanuel DEQUIER

Collaboration for Innovation at Genopole, a Biocluster dedicated to Biotechnologies

Emmanuel Dequier is the Director of Research of the medical genomics biocluster Genopole (Evry, France). He holds a PhD in cellular and molecular genetics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie.

For more than 15 years, Genopole has developed a policy to support innovation by making available to its companies and laboratories state of the art platforms, facilities and infrastructures that they would not be able to acquire individually. These platforms allow researchers from academic laboratories and industry as well as students to interact and develop new research projects. I will discuss the specific case of the Atelier de Biologie de Synthèse (abSYNTH), a platform dedicated to synthetic biology, whose development has led to a breakthrough in the field of life sciences innovation leading Genopole’s biocluster to create its first Open Lab (Shaker – Le Lab Biotech) designed for PhD and university students, engineers and job seekers, who now benefit from access to a fully equipped, shared-use laboratory to deepen their research and validate innovative technologies.